Top 5 reasons to buy KTS SalesMate + POS Sofware

  1. You'll replace manual, error-prone inventory and purchasing tasks with automation that helps save time and money, reduce shrinkage, and ensure efficient replenishment. Effortlessly track inventory, view real-time inventory status, and set reorder points and restocking levels. The customer checkout experience is fast, smooth, and professional—increasing your store's productivity and your customers' satisfaction. Also you'll have the assurance that you'll get fast answers to questions and support that helps to ensure smooth running of your system.
  2. By better understanding your customers, you can deliver service that increase sales and build loyalty. Point of Sale helps to ensure that you'll "know your customer" by empowering you to track and maintain detailed histories that cashiers can quickly access at the POS. You'll be able to offer customer-specific pricing and special discounts for frequent shoppers, as well as mention relevant cross-sells and up-sells during sales transactions.
  3. Decisions are built on accurate, real-time information, rather than on gut instinct. Point of Sale gives you a complete view of your business with more than 20 interactive real-time reports, including best-selling items; most productive employees; and detailed sales history by cashier.
  4. You can leave the store site knowing that you're still in charge. Point of Sale offers an accurate, real-time record of all sales transactions and inventory movement, so that you can track returns efficiently and helps to reduce shrinkage, false returns and unauthorized discounts. With user-based roles and tight security features, you can protect sensitive information and ensure employees work with the tasks and information appropriate to their job. The result? Control that gives you peace of mind and reduces your need to be on site at all times.
  5. Point of Sale is designed to be affordable. Along with a price point which charges only for the support, Point of Sale works with your existing computers and a wide range of POS peripherals, helping you minimize cost and effort.

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